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Workshop: Optimizing Transport's Contribution to Global Processes

May 4, 2018, 2:00pm-5:30pm
GIZ Bonn offices, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40, Saal A - BF 20045Bonn, Germany

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Objective: Identify the most effective strategies to maximise the contribution of the transport sector to the global climate processes in the next 18 months.

Concept: An interactive workshop-style event to discuss and plan the engagement of the transport sector in the climate processes 2018/2019. This event will build upon the COP23 Transport Analysis Workshop hosted by GIZ in Bonn in December 2017 and aims to focus transport sector strategies and interventions in the 2018 climate and development processes.

This event aims to attract both regular and novel participants in discussions on transport and climate change (including partners in related sectors). SLoCaT will reach out to all organizations that have made transport related submissions to the Talanoa Dialogue and invite them to be an active part of the event. Prior to the event SLoCaT will publish an assessment of these transport related submissions. 

Agenda: (Note: All speakers/participants proposed, not yet invited/confirmed)

Master facilitator (Mark Major, SLoCaT)

  • Opening remarks (20 min)

Daniel Bongardt, GIZ (5 min)

Holger Dalkmann, SLoCaT (5 min)

Martin Frick, UNFCCC (10 min) 

Talanoa Dialogue Q1: Where are we?

Initial findings of the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR): (30 mins)

Discussion of major trends/developments in transport and climate change in 2017, policy set/measures implemented in various countries/regions

  • Karl Peet, SLoCaT
  • Perspectives on position of transport from other sectors (TBD) 
Global Climate Action (40 mins)

Discussion of commitments made by governments and corporations, and on-the-ground action for transport in context of climate processes. 

  • Transport Decarbonisation Alliance - TDA Steering Committee (country, city and company representatives)
  • Global Climate Action initiatives - Mark Major, SLoCaT
  • Review of COP23 Outcomes for Transport - Urda Eichhorst, GIZ

Coffee/Tea Break (20 mins)

Talanoa Dialogue Q2: Where do we want to go?

Structured discussion: Positioning transport policy in 2018 global processes on climate change and sustainable development (50 mins)

Discussion of where we want the transport sector to be at the end of 2019, and how best to use efforts described under Q1 to advance position of transport sector. 

  • 1.5DS analysis - Holger Dalkmann, framing and facilitation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Group discussion

Talanoa Dialogue Q3: How do we get there?

Defining sectoral strategy and identifying next steps (40 mins)

Discussion of raising ambition in commitments, ensuring coherence in efforts in forthcoming efforts, and making optimal use of upcoming events (e.g. HLPF, GCAS, 2019 UN Climate Summit).

  •  Sectoral targets in NDCs and long-term strategies - Daniel Bongardt, framing and facilitation
  • Group discussion

Conclusions and Closing (10 mins)

  • Mark Major, SLoCaT

 Workshop Output:

  • 3-page strategy paper with summary bullets (to be prepared by SLoCaT) (to be used primarily as input by the transport community for the Talanoa Dialogue on 6 May)


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