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YOURS - Youth for Road Safety


About YOURS - Youth for Road Safety

YOURS - Youth for Road Safety is a global youth-led, not for profit and non-governmental organization that operates to make the world's roads safer for young people. Globally road traffic crashes are the single biggest killer of young people aged 15-29, making it one of the most pressing public health concerns facing young people in a modern age. YOURS was born out of the First World Youth Assembly for Road Safety in 2007 that was organized by the World Health Organization. In 2009, YOURS - Youth for Road Safety was created with the support of the global youth network for road safety, World Health Organization and Michelin.

Contact information:

C/o - Stichting Youth for Road Safety (YOURS)
Bellweg 48
4104 BJ Culemborg
The Netherlands

Location: Culemborg, the Netherlands

SLoCaT Focal Person:

Floor Lieshout
Director YOURS - Youth for Road Safety

Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

YOURS has three key operational pillars:

1) Advocacy and Awareness: to provide one voice for youth on road safety issues at a global level in order to increase awareness of youth road safety in the world as a global issue and to increase participation of youth in road safety. YOURS undertakes global awareness campaigns, pushes for road safety on a local, national and international level as well as offer tools for advocacy and awareness. YOURS is an official member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and represents the youth voice. 

2) Inspire, connect and unite young people and youth-led NGO's active in the road safety field around the world, so they can work together and easily share information and experiences. It is up to YOURS to inspire her 'members' and to unite forces where possible and if valuable. YOURS has a network of more than 150 NGOs for Safe and Sustainable Transport in over 100 countries. 

3) Capacity Development 
to develop youth capacities to prevent road traffic injuries and seeks to; increase young people’s understanding of the global road safety crisis, particularly youth issues; inspire and motivate young people to become actively involved in preventing road traffic injuries; build their knowledge and develop the skills they need to implement their own road safety activities. YOURS has worked with the United Nations Environment Program to develop a training module on the promotion of non-motorized transport to promote safe, sustainable and healthy mobility.

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