Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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Transport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI)

About Transport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI)

Transport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI), as a public institution, is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Transport (MOT) of China. It was founded in March 1998 when a re-organization was undertaken between two institutes, namely Highway Planning and Design Institute, Waterway Planning and Design Institute.

TPRI serves as the brain power of the MOT of China and think-tank of modern transport industry by offering competent services for the government and the transport sector in areas of policy, strategy, planning, technology, assessment, and theory. TPRI devotes sustainable expertise to technical support for the government’s decision-making and lays cornerstone for the transport development.

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Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

TPRI has contributed to the modern transport industry and integrated transport system development, especially blazed an innovative trail in the aspects of transforming transport development mode and developing green transport systems, which comprises the following strategic themes:

Low Carbon Transport Systems: TPRI is partnering with government, industry and non-governmental organization to contribute to an integrated low carbon transport system in China.This theme covers the following issues: application of low-carbon concept and technologies in urban transport planning and highway construction, green logistics, and green port. 

Environment & Climate Change: TPRI is the hub of collaboration and research on strategies to combat environment and climate change for transport in China. We focus on GHG statistics, monitoring, emission inventory and reduction policiesfor transport in China. 

Green Finance: TPRI has actively explored sustainable institutional and financial arrangements for transport infrastructure construction, operation and management. This theme covers the following issues: coping strategies for attending carbon emission trading, energy performance contracting, and green credit in transport.

Alternative-fuel Transport Equipment: TPRI has been keeping track of new energy technology and environmental protection and energy-saving technology of modern transport equipment. We provide policy guidance to governmental agencies and focus on the strategies for hybrid & electric vehicle use and sprawl in public transport. 

Within these themes, TPRI provides new ideas and future perspectives about green transport issues and plays essential roles in supporting the research work of governmental agencies about low carbon transport systems and climate change in China.

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Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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