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Clean Air Asia


About Clean Air Asia

Clean Air Asia (formerly Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities) promotes better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions from transport, energy, and other sectors.

Clean Air Asia was established as the leading air quality management network for Asia by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and USAID in 2001, and operates since 2007 as an independent non-profit organization. Clean Air Asia has offices in Manila, Beijing and Delhi, networks in eight Asian countries (China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam) and is a UN recognized partnership of more than 240 organizations in Asia and worldwide.

Clean Air Asia uses knowledge and partnerships to enable Asia’s 1,000+ cities and national governments understand the problems and identify effective policies and measures. Our four programs are: Air Quality and Climate Change, Low Emissions Urban Development, Clean Fuels and Vehicles, and Green Freight and Logistics.

The biennial Better Air Quality (BAQ) conference is the flagship event of Clean Air Asia bringing experts, policy and decision makers together to network, learn and share experiences on air quality management. Past BAQs have proven to influence policies, initiate new projects and establish partnerships.

Contact Us:

Clean Air Asia Center
Unit 3505, Robinsons-Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines
Tel +63 2 6311042
Fax +63 2 6311390

Clean Air Asia China Office

901A Reignwood Center, No. 8 YongAnDongLi, JianGuoMenWai Avenue, Beijing, 10022, China

Tel +861085288381
Fax +86108528838

Clean Air Asia India Office
1st Floor, Building No.4, Thyagraj Nagar Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 110003I India
Tel +91 11 60 1202 60    
Fax+91 11 43 8500 32

Location: Manila, Philippines

SLoCaT Focal Person:

Bjarne Pedersen

Glynda Bathan

Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

Our objective is to visibly contribute to achieving the Clean Air Asia outcomes, to in turn contribute to the Asia goals for the four program areas. These outcomes are that through Clean Air Asia’s role as a trusted change maker:
•    Decision makers use reliable analysis, knowledge, data and effective tools to understand the problems and identify solutions
•    Stakeholders at the city, national and regional level cooperate better through networks & partnerships
•    Policies and programs are in place that are science-based, stakeholder inclusive, and effective

Our four programs to work towards these goals are: Air Quality & Climate Change, Low Emissions Urban Development, Clean Fuels and Vehicles, and Green Freight and Logistics.

Air Quality and Climate Change Program (
Clean Air Asia Role
•    Road Map for Better Air Quality in Asian Cities
•    Regional system for knowledge management and capacity building on air quality and GHG management (includes BAQ conferences)
•    Support cities on air pollution and GHG management
Low Emissions and Urban Development Program (

Clean Air Asia Role
•    Mainstream low emissions transport strategies in policy and investment decisions
•    Knowledge management and exchange on land use, transport and energy
•    Bring walkability higher on the development agenda

Clean Fuels and Vehicles Program (
Clean Air Asia Role
•    Facilitate adoption of tighter standards for cleaner fuels and vehicles by Asian countries
•    Strengthen policy frameworks for effective management of in-use vehicles
•    Introduce clean fleet management programs for public and private fleet operators

Green Freight and Logistics Program (
Clean Air Asia Role
•    Establish regional and national green freight programs or initiatives
•    Mobilize a Green Freight Asia Network of private sector companies and associations
•    Improve knowledge and data on road freight to inform policies, programs and initiatives

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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