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About Ricardo Energy & Environment

Ricardo Energy & Environment is a global sustainability consultancy. We provide strategic advice to governments, businesses and public bodies all over the world to help them solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Our expertise covers climate change, energy, air quality, resource efficiency, waste management and sustainable transport.

In the transport area we deliver expert solutions to help our clients understand the full costs and benefits of measures that help improve the sustainability and functioning of mobility systems. We develop and use a variety of transport and emission modelling tools for carrying out this type of analysis, tailored to the specific needs of local, regional, national and international transport systems. Our expertise lies in policy development and analysis to support the development of sustainable urban mobility systems, the promotion of low carbon transport technologies/fuels, and the identification of measures for enhancing transport demand management and spatial planning. 

In the preparation of the United Nation’s COP 21 conference that will be held in Paris, in December 2015, Ricardo Energy & Environment has been heavily involved in the design and formulation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). These INDCs publicly outline post-2020 climate actions that nations intend to take. We have been working on INDCs with national authorities around the globe, such as in Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Lebanon and Albania.

Our strong network of partners includes academics, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, research centres and associates. Ricardo Energy & Environment furthermore maintains and manages the Transport Research and Innovation Portal ( on behalf of the European Commission, and consequently we have extensive knowledge of key transport research activities across Europe and beyond.

NB: On 1 September 2015, we rebranded as Ricardo Energy & Environment, a trading name of Ricardo-AEA Ltd. Ricardo-AEA Ltd was constituted on 8 November 2012 following Ricardo plc’s acquisition and goodwill of AEA Technology plc. For full details, please visit

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SLoCaT Focal Person:

Edina Loehr

Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Sustainable Transport Practice delivers consultancy services around the globe to help minimise the environmental impacts of the transport sector. The following list gives examples of project experience relevant to transport and climate change. 

Options to reduce GHG emissions from EU transport in the period to 2050 (European Commission - DG CLIMA)

Ricardo Energy & Environment analysed the full range of options for reducing GHG emissions from the transport sector for the period up to 2050.  By examining the potential contributions of all transport modes, we assessed the levels of emissions reduction that will be required by the transport sector to meet Europe’s decarbonisation goals. We carried out an assessment of the feasibility, effectiveness, and costs of demand-side and supply-side options for reducing emissions.  The findings from this study informed the development of the EU’s 2011 Transport White Paper. Outputs from the study can be found at

European Urban Transport Roadmaps 2030 (European Commission)

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s urban transport roadmaps project will help cities plan effective clean mobility strategies. We are building a comprehensive web-based policy support that allows city authorities (or other interested stakeholders) to evaluate the impacts of proposed transport policies under conditions specifically tailored to the city’s circumstances. We are working closely with a number of city authorities to ensure that the tool is tailored to the needs of cities. Further details:

Review of sustainable urban transport plans (SUTPs) in Indian cities (World Bank)

Ricardo Energy & Environment assessed the short-term and long-term environmental benefits of a range of transport policies in five Indian cities. Our particular focus was to assess the impacts on urban air quality of individual policy measures and sustainable urban transport plans (SUTP) as a whole. The results from this work are used by the Indian Ministry of Urban Development and the World Bank to identify the next steps for deploying SUTPs.

Transport sector decarbonisation strategy for Toyama City, Japan

Toyama city has an ambitious objective of reducing transport sector GHG emissions by 75% by 2050 compared to 2010 levels. For supporting the city’s authorities, we used the SULTAN transport policy scenario tool (which was developed in-house by Ricardo Energy & Environment) to identify a package of policy measures for reaching this target. The solutions that we could identify included measures for encouraging uptake of ultra-low emissions vehicles, modal shift and energy sector decarbonisation. Our final task in the project was to quantify the impacts of the individual measures on both GHG and air pollutant emissions as well as to assess the potential implementation costs.

CO2 reduction strategy for heavy duty vehicles (HDVs) & and two-wheeled vehicles in India

HDVs account for the greatest proportion of road-based CO2 emissions in India, whilst the two-wheeled fleet is growing rapidly and is the second largest CO2emitter after HDVs. Our team supported the Government of India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency to assess the extent of CO2 emissions from these vehicle types over the short, medium and longer term and to identify best practices for future vehicle standards, vehicle labelling, and a Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) implementation plan.

Position Papers on Automotive Fuel Quality in India (Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation)

In this study Ricardo Energy & Environment was asked to support the development of India’s new Auto Fuel Policy. India’s Auto Fuel Policy Committee was the main beneficiary of the study commission by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation that asked us to outline the steps and measures that had already been taken to improve automotive fuel quality in India, and to identify challenges in the near future to finally propose steps that are required to formulate an auto fuel policy for India till 2030.

Low Emission Vehicles Roadmap (Transport for London)

In this project we supported Transport for London in creating a Low Emission Vehicles (LEV) roadmap with the aim of identifying which vehicle technologies would be needs to meet London’s ambitious targets for improving air quality and reducing transport sector GHG emissions over the next 15 years. We performed an extensive vehicle life cycle analysis (LCA), consulted on alternative refuelling infrastructure, and analysed key drivers and barriers for LEV deployment.

Mitigation and MRV Partnership Thailand Workshop: Presentation on NAMAs

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s NAMA and MRV experts were invited to give presentations on monitoring the Climate Change Act in the UK as well as on reporting on emissions reductions, and to peer review financing and MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in Thailand. With our help the Thai Government is now in a position to identify next steps in the implementation of NAMAs in the energy, industry and transport sectors, to draft an MRV-design for mitigation actions in these sectors, and to identify capacity building needs in the implementation of NAMAs.

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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