Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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CONCITO, Denmark's green think tank, was founded on September 1, 2008. The purpose of CONCITO is to provide analyses and information on the best and most low-cost transition towards a climate-neutral society in Denmark and in other parts of the world.

CONCITO is Denmark’s largest green network with around 100 companies, researchers, organizations and individuals as members of the Council. The Council Members constitute the think tank and are affiliated to a number of Working Groups on specific topics, including a Transport Working Group.

CONCITO is involved in several international networks with other think tanks sharing a similar purpose and profile as CONCITO, e.g. the World Resources Institute in the U.S., ZERO in Norway, and the European Climate Foundation based in the Hague, the Netherlands. We are especially working towards a closer collaboration among the green think tanks in the four Nordic Countries

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Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

CONCITO has been working with low carbon transport from its outset. CONCITO has a permanent Working Group on transport.  There is currently not a separate program for transport, while transport and mobility features within several of program and project activities including the areas of ‘Energy and transport’; ‘Cities and buildings’, and ‘Green behavior and demand.’

Current projects involving Transport include:

Global Climate Solutions: The project is assessing the potential and viability of a number of present and future climate technology and policy solutions. The project will deliver a range of ‘Climate Briefs’ based on a review of current knowledge on selected potential Climate Solutions providing recommendations for policy action for each potential solution. In regard to transport we are preparing briefs on ‘Driverless Vehicles’; ‘Sustainable aviation fuel’; and ‘Integrated transport and land use planning’.

Co-Management of Energy and Transport Systems (COMETS). The project COMETS will analyze the environmental and economic impacts on the future energy system from an increasingly renewable-based and system integrated transport sector. The role of CONCITO is mainly to co-organize stakeholder workshops and contribute to explore potential game changers.

Nordic Green to Scale: The project examines the potential of scaling up known and proven Nordic climate solutions at global level. The transport solutions that have been analyzed in the project include electric vehicles (based on the example of Norway), cycling in cities (based on experience in Denmark) and biofuels in transport (based on examples of Sweden and Finland).

SUSTAIN: This strategic research project aims to develop National Sustainable Transport Planning (NSTP) as a coherent research topic across the social and technical sciences and to promote future-oriented planning for a sustainable transport system at the national level, and help advance a performance-based and learning-oriented approach. CONCITO contributes as a stakeholder. 

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Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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