Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds, UK

About Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds, UK

The Institute for Transport Studies is a free-standing academic department of the University of Leeds and part of the Faculty of Environment. ITS is a leading international centre for transport research. ITS has for a number of years been conducting research which seeks to advance the understanding of sustainability and transport and to develop policies and techniques which allow this to be put in to action. ITS staff have provided expert advice to international organisations such as the World Bank, the European Commission and the International Transport Forum, to national governments around the world and to UK entities such as the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.

The Institute is the UK's largest single academic group with approximately 50 academic/research staff. In a typical year there are around 500 students taking undergraduate modules, 80 students on Masters programmes, up to 40 registered PhD students, and dozens of delegates participating in short courses. Through this, the Institute makes a significant contribution to resolving the skills shortage faced by the transport sector, and to improving both the quantity and quality of transport professionals internationally. In 2009 an MSc in Sustainability (Transport) was established to equip students with the skills to embed transport fully into the sustainable development agenda.

Location: Leeds, UK

SLoCaT Focal Person:

Karen Lucas

<>-- primary focal point

Paul Timms

Dr Samantha Jamson, Director of International Activities

Erik Thomasson, Transport Systems Hub Business Development Manager


Programs & Projects on Transport & Climate Change

The Institute for Transport studies conducts a range of fundamental and applied research studies on climate change and energy related topics. Particular areas of expertise are:

  • Energy demand reduction policies
  • Scenarios, visioning and backcasting
  • Governance and regulation of climate change

EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Transport Beyond 2020

Visioning for Walking and Cycling in 2030 in the UK (

Governance of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions (

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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