Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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SLoCaT Membership survey

A Slocat Membership Survey was conducted to find out more about the background of the SLoCaT members, their current activities on sustainable, low carbon transport and what their views were on the future of the SLoCaT Partnership and its acivities. Please find attached an overview of the results of the survey. The results of the survey were discussed at a meeting on 15 March in Seoul by a number of SLoCaT members who were attending the “United Nations Forum on Climate Change Mitigation, Fuel Efficiency and Sustainable Transport” which was organized by UN-DESA, the Korean Energy Economics Institute and the Korean Transport Institute in collaboration with, amongst others, SLoCaT.

It was observed in that meeting that:

  • the policy to have a gradual growth of members is good and could be continued;
  • the current 4 work areas of SLoCaT are widely appreciated and could be continued in the next Work Program of SLoCaT;
  • more emphasis should be placed on knowledge management and information sharing;
  • stronger engagement by SLoCaT members in the work of SLoCaT should be aimed for. In this context it would be helpful to better define the expected contributions by SLoCaT members;


The results of the Seoul meeting will be used to prepare the SLoCaT Partnership meeting on 24th May in Manila.

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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