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Applicability of post 2012 climate instruments to transport

The post 2012 Climate Instruments in the transport sector (CITS) project implemented by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), in cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a first step to help ensure that the transport sector can benefit from the revised/new climate change mitigation instruments under a post-2012 Climate Change Agreement. The CITS project is a contribution to the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport. A draft report has been published for comments.

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Key messages of the draft report are:

  • NAMAs may provide better opportunities for the transport sector than current mechanisms
  • Existing modeling studies and marginal abatement cost curves often do not capture the full costs and benefits of transport interventions, notable those related to ‘avoid’ and ‘shift’.
  • Support for NAMAs in the transport sector may need to focus on ‘barrier removal cost’ rather than incremental cost which is done conventionally. Capacity building and policy support may be important components.
  • Including co-benefits for local air quality, reduced congestion and energy security in the appraisal of climate related transport interventions often reduces the GHG abatement cost significantly, however quantification remains challenging.
  • NAMA financing and other international sources of funding may be targeted at similar (elements of) interventions in the transport sector, and therefore their relation needs further exploration.
  • MRV of transport measures is likely to be challenging, and there is a need for better activity level data and development of methodologies. A certain degree of uncertainty however may need to be accepted, as baselines are hard to establish.

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