SLoCaT Members agree to formalise SLoCaT partnership

SLoCaT members at the  2014 Annual Meeting  agreed unanimously that the time has come to formalize the status of the organization SLoCaT  was initially set up as a time limited partnership, which was to dissolve in December 2012 unless decided otherwise. The decision to formalize the SLoCaT partnership was guided by the following considerations:

  • There is a growing interest of organizations to join SLoCaT and be active part of its efforts to promote Sustainable Transport;
  • SLoCaT has build up a multi-stakeholder constituency that brings together NGOs, Academe, MDBs, UN organizations and private sector. At the same time it has build up a reputation for being science based and neutrality;
  • SLoCaT has proven to be an effective organization in convening stakeholders in promoting sustainable transport as was evidenced in e.g. the Rio+20 conference as well as the UNFCCC process (Transport Day 2013);
  • The wide interest in key SLoCaT efforts: Results Framework on Sustainable Transport and the TRANSPORT DELIVERS Campaign indicate that it is likely that there is a continued role for SLoCaT in promoting sustainable transport;
  • No credible alternatives exist for SLoCaT. If SLoCaT were disbanded the sustainable transport community would (again) be without voice at the global stage;
  • The continued opportunities for SLoCaT to engage in global policy discussions on Sustainable Transport put strain on the capacity of the Secretariat of SLoCaT and an expansion in capacity would be required to make use of the available opportunities;
  • SLoCaT’s influence and thereby the realization of its objectives could grow if the organization takes on a more formal role. It is likely that it would be able to have a more clear role in different policy processes;
  • Institutionalization of SLoCaT and especially its Secretariat will strengthen the sustainability of the organization and make it more likely that experienced and talented individuals would be willing to work for the organization.
It was agreed that the formalisation of the SLoCaT partnership could be best achieved by incorporating the Secretariat of the SLoCaT Partnership as an independent legal entity. Click  here to read more about the new proposed structure of SLoCaT.

It is planned that the new structure for the SLoCaT Partnership will be in place by the middle of 2014.