SLoCaT members to join WG on the Convening of Transport Stakeholders to Develop and Take Action on Recommendations for more Sustainable Transport Systems

In January 2012, Secretary General (SG) Ban Ki-moon announced that the post-2015 framework for sustainable development would be an important priority in the Action Agenda for his second term. Transport was listed as one of six building blocks for sustainable development. The Action Agenda indicates that on transport the Secretary General “plans to convene aviation, marine, ferry, rail, road and urban public transport providers, along with Governments and investors, to develop and take action on recommendations for more sustainable transport systems that can address rising congestion and pollution worldwide, particularly in urban areas”.  A Technical Working Group was formed by the UN-DESA to propose a plan to the Executive Office of the Secretary-General by November of 2012, on how to best convene the stakeholders on sustainable transport and to make suggestions on the outputs of this process. The TWG will have its second meeting on 29-30 October 2012 in New York.  Several of the SLoCaT members are represented in the TWG.