Despacio is a non-profit organization that conducts research to promote quality of life in all stages of the life cycle and works in productive, educative and reproductive sectors, seeking to challenge the intuitive in their respective fields of knowledge by performing applied research to improve the welfare of the community in general.

Despacio develops and implements projects to make people feel good, generally based on the Slow Movement philosophy (which promotes a slower -or Tempo Giusto-, sustainable, and humane lifestyle) in every aspect of life: from the more individual and familiar aspects (eating, travelling, parenting, and organizing time at home and at work) to the more collective topics such as planning and managing slow, humane and sustainable urban and regional spaces.

Contact us:
Cr 5 No 70A- 74 Piso 2
Bogotá – Colombia
+571 2362309/+571 2484420

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