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Inclusive Urbanization Built upon Transit Oriented Development: Perspectives from the city

17 October 2016 @ 9:03 am


The event will launch the new Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Standard that seeks to define a way forward for inclusive urbanization. Beginning with a presentation of its main conclusions and methodology used to measure the integration of land use and transport and how well places promote inclusive and accessible urbanization. Subsequently, constituency groups will discuss what inclusive and equitable urban development means to their context. Major group representatives from “women” and “children and youth” will discuss safety issues while “older people” and “people with disabilities” will address issues of access. Representatives from “grassroots”, housing advocates and slum dwellers will discuss upgrading infrastructure and neighborhoods while ensuring inclusive and affordable development. Then, a conversation will be facilitated that seeks to understand the commonalities of inclusive development that all groups can move forward on.

 Expected outcomes

 Launch TOD Standard, which is the is the implementation tool for a multiple years-long campaign to promote policies for inclusive urbanization built upon TOD. ITDP has developed an outreach and press strategy to support this launch.

Engage in discussions with a diverse group of constituencies and stakeholders to create awareness and understanding of these issues in groups outside the usual “transport and mobility” experts and advocates.

Create a broad coalition of organizations and major groups to support our campaign on inclusive urbanization and TOD in the years after the H3 conference.

Implementation of the New Urban Agenda will depend not only on the knowledge, capacity and funds available to cities around the world, but on which outcomes and solutions are measurable through indicators. The TOD standard developed by ITDP provides indicators and measurements for the concepts of urban development, mobility and land use, that are essential to the New Urban Agenda.

 The event is designed to spark interest in how to create inclusive cities using TOD with constituencies that are not the typical transit and mobility advocates, nourishing their knowledge about it and making them understand how TOD could be a solution for what they also advocate. The event will bring these constituencies closer to the campaign ITDP is launching and give an opportunity to follow up in the near future as we take this campaign to the cities and countries where ITDP has a presence.

For more information please contact Ramon J. Cruz (ramon.cruz@itdp.org)




17 October 2016
9:03 am