15 Jul 2019

SLoCaT welcomes a robust new Board

We are pleased to announce the new Board of Directors elected by SLoCaT, the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport which will support, oversee and advance the work of the Partnership in the next three years. This new Board brings together an extraordinary wealth of expertise across the transport and mobility, energy, climate and cities sectors.

An independent Election Committee chaired by Mr. Lew Fulton (UC-Davis) and aided by Ms. Glynda Bathan (Clean Air Asia) and Mr. Henry Kamau (Sustainable Transport Africa) monitored the elections and counted the ballots.

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13 Mar 2019

Progress on the roadmap for low carbon and sustainable mobility in India

The roadmap for low carbon and sustainable mobility in India kicked off in November 2018 under the aegis of PPMC, with the support of WWF in collaboration with FICCI and funded by the Michelin Foundation. The project formed in early 2019 a working group for each of the eight roadmap components. A couple of working group meetings have been already held, such as two meetings on Component 2 (low-carbon energy supply) in February 2019, a meeting on Component 5 (avoid vehicle kilometers) in March 2019 and Component 8 (economic instruments and finance) in February 2019.

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