Applied Research Programme in High Volume Transport Theme 3 – Low Carbon Transport

The research documented in this report explores the current state of knowledge of, interest in, and capacity to implement low carbon, high volume transport (LC-HVT) among study participants in a cohort of countries in Africa and South Asia. This project report thus uses primary research to provide a review of the challenges and barriers, interest and knowledge gaps within the cohort relating to the implementation of particular low carbon transport measures, supported by a literature review and relevant case studies. A further outcome of the project is to provide recommendations to the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID) on future research directions for Part 2 of the Applied Research Programme into High Volume Transport.

There are many studies that demonstrate the similarity of transport issues across low income countries with a similar climate (1). DIFD includes 32 priority countries in Africa and Asia, and has China, India and South Africa as development partners. The chosen cohort of nine countries includes two of these development partners and lessons that can be learnt from them, where applicable, are highlighted in this report.

The project explores the following principal research questions:

  • RQ1: What priority does reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have in national/ local decisions that affect transport?
  • RQ2: Is it necessary and/or desirable to promote LC-HVT over the coming years? Why is it important (or not) to promote this?
  • RQ3: What are the principle barriers/obstacles that could make broader implementation of LC-HVT difficult to achieve?
  • RQ4: What knowledge is needed to remove these barriers (e.g. developing capacity, and sharing knowledge/good practice/tools)?

Analysis and findings presented in this Final Report are drawn from the following three primary sources and activities:

  • Expert Interviews
  • Stakeholder Survey
  • Capacity-Building Workshop


Applied Research Programme in High Volume Transport Theme 3 – Low Carbon Transport

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