This Literature Review is one component of a greater project SLoCaT project: Sustainable Transport in Support of Action on Equity and Poverty (i-STEP), supported by the Ford Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and CAF – Development Bank of Latin America. This review, Transport, Poverty Alleviation and the Principles of Social Justice, builds on an earlier work prepared by SLoCaT, Poverty and Sustainable Transport (Starkey & Hine 2014), which included urban poverty but was concerned largely with how transport affects the rural poor. The purpose of this review is to further understand the interest in and arguments advanced regarding transport equity within urban contexts and where possible, in the developing and emerging economies, as to date, much of the conceptual work has been conducted in the US and the UK. This review further notes the gaps in research and practice, and recommends actions to move transport equity higher up the global sustainability agenda.


Transport, Poverty Alleviation and the Principles of Social Justice

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