18 September 2013

Putting people first: Cities lead the fight against climate change

Bogota Cyclist

Better bicycle infrastructure is a sign of sustainability efforts in developing countries.

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27 August 2013

Get moving: Creating a research strategy for active cities


Many cities around the globe are home to dangerous roads, social stigmas that bicycling is “for the poor,” and urban designs that neglect walking and bicycling. Photo by Slightly-less-random.

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2 May 2013

Sustainable transport finance: thinking nationally and locally

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT). By williamcho.

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT). By williamcho.

The world, and Asia in particular, is heading in the wrong direction

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22 January 2013

Better Driving, Improved Fuel Efficiency

Driver-trainer Mohammad Haneef instructing Star Bus drivers on better driving and improved fuel efficiency

With input from Umang Jain

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