Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

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SLoCaT Work Program

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The activities of the SLoCaT Partnership are guided by the SLoCaT Work Program.

The Work Program is developed by the SLoCaT Secretariat based on consultations with members of the Partnership. Following review by the SLoCaT Foundation Board, the Work Program is presented for discussion and sign-off at the Annual Meeting of the SLoCaT Partnership in January. The SLoCaT Foundation Board then approves a budget to implement the agreed upon Work Program. 

SLoCaT Work Program 2016-2017 

SLoCaT Work Program 2016-2017 has come to effect as of July 1st 2016, with the start of the new SLoCaT financial year. The key drivers for the work program has been the key global processes on sustainable development and climate change as well as the three guiding principles of ambition of reaching the 1.5DS for climate change; convergence of post-2030 development agenda with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; and balance between technological change, modal shift, and behavioral change.

The four pillars of the 2016-2017 Work Program are; shaping future agendas, building and documenting knowledge, connecting organizations and individuals and outreach.

For downloadable version of the Work Program please see: Work Program 2016-2017

SLoCaT Work Programs from the previous years can be downloaded below:

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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