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In SLOCAT, we believe in the powerful potential for positive impact on people and planet offered by the transversal nature of mobility. With the solid community of practice galvanised over our first decade of existence, and keen on empowering multi-sectoral approaches and systems-thinking for combined transport, climate and sustainability action; we will expose and connect our community to others.

We curate multi-stakeholder trust spaces for peers within and beyond the transport community to exchange, learn from each other and collaborate.

We facilitate the interface between knowledge, policy and practice spheres of action.

We map out and match like-minded initiatives across our Partnership.

We conceptualise and host international multi-stakeholder initiatives.

We conceptualise and deploy, communications and educational schemes.

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Talk to Alice Yiu (Policy Outreach and Strategic Communications) to learn how to become part of us.

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Talk to Philip Turner to be updated on our latest knowledge, advocacy and networking activities.