Stakeholder Forum and NRDC Rio+20 Review Report Praises SLoCaT's Strategic Vision and Leadership

The Stakeholder Forum and NRDC Rio+20 Review Report Praises SLoCaT’s Strategic Vision and Leadership

The Stakeholder Forum and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published a report, “Fulfilling the Rio+20 Promises: Reviewing Progress since the UN Conference on Sustainable Development” which presents the initial review on key negotiated outcomes and voluntary commitments made at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20), in June 2012. NRDC reviewed the implementation of twelve voluntary commitment clusters made at the Rio+20 Conference. The report concludes that after only a year and a half there is real progress on a number of key voluntary commitments made at Rio+20 Conference. It states that in sustainable transport, the Voluntary Commitment by eight multilateral development banks (MDBs) to commit $175 million toward more sustainable transportation is well on track.

SLoCaT’s status report “Creating Universal Access to Safe, Clean and Affordable Transport” published one year after the Rio+20 Conference is featured in the NRDC report as being first and only progress report published by the Action Networks.  NRDC presents examples of successful implementation of transport commitments such as EMBARQ network’s commitment on implementing game changing policies in more 200 cities.  In addition, the six new voluntary commitments made in June 2013, focusing on enabling the international community to follow and track the impacts of all Rio+20 transport commitments are also highlighted.

The NRDC report states that “the SLoCaT Network is a model for other action networks because of its strategic vision and leadership in obtaining the major commitments on sustainable transportation at Rio+20”. It further remarks that the “SLoCaT’s recently developed major financing structure and its intent to engage in post-2015 development agenda process to mobilize and resources are encouraging signs of progress for sustainable transport”.

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