Nordic Development Fund supports climate change adaptation in the transport sector

Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has recently approved two new transport adaptation projects that will develop adaptive capacity and integration of climate change aspects into planning and design of road transport infrastructure. In Mozambique, NDF, together with the African Development Bank (AfDB), will support the National Road Administration, and other key stakeholders, with capacity-building and additional tools to manage climate impact threats to road development. The NDF support forms part of the Nacala Road Corridor III Project and aims to make resilient road development plans, improve construction methods, and ensure an active and sustainable road infrastructure asset management.

NDF collaborates with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Ministry of Rural Development in Cambodia to follow up on the previous support to rural roads and climate change adaptation project. The new Rural Roads Improvement Project II will focus on reducing climate vulnerability of a number of Mekong river villages clustered in Kampong Cham province in Eastern Cambodia. The project will pilot a multisectoral adaptation framework encompassing road infrastructure resilience combined with interventions on renewable energy, income generation, and disaster risk management.