Grütter Consulting

Grütter consulting was founded 1996 and has dedicated itself primarily to relating carbon finance with transport. Its founder Jürg M. Grütter works in this area since 1992 and had formerly directed greenhouse gas abatement projects in the transport, industrial and energy sector on behalf of Swiss government. Grütter consulting is a private stock company with headquarters in Switzerland and branch or partner offices in China, India, Korea, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The company is the world’s leading firm in relating carbon finance with transport.  We have developed the majority of all approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) transport methodologies including the first approved large scale and the first approved small scale CDM transport methodology. Grütter Consulting has realized the first transport program finance with carbon offsets 1993, the first registered CDM transport project (TransMilenio) and overall around 200 transport projects and programs with carbon finance from international and domestic markets.

Grütter Consulting develops transport projects on the policy level e.g. fuel performance standards for vehicles, on program level e.g. sustainable urban transport or TOD programs as well as on project level e.g. BRTs, metros, or electric vehicle projects. We have developed numerous green freight programs, urban transport programs, electric/hybrid vehicles, vehicle efficiency improvement programs etc. in the area of traffic avoidance (e.g. car sharing schemes, TOD), mode shift (e.g. road to rail), vehicle improvement (e.g. Eco Drive, improved occupation rate) and fuel improvements (e.g. biofuels).

Grütter Consulting realizes carbon finance projects, NAMAs, carbon footprints, methodologies and MRV systems for transport as well as technical advisory services related to sustainable transport. It has realized contracts in more than 30 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe for clients such as the World Bank, UN organizations, ADB, IDB, GEF, bilateral donors, municipalities, universities and more than 100 private companies involved in the transport field.

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