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Ricardo Energy & Environment is a global sustainability consultancy. We provide strategic advice to governments, businesses and public bodies all over the world to help them solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Our expertise covers climate change, energy, air quality, resource efficiency, waste management and sustainable transport.

In the transport area we deliver expert solutions to help our clients understand the full costs and benefits of measures that help improve the sustainability and functioning of mobility systems. We develop and use a variety of transport and emission modelling tools for carrying out this type of analysis, tailored to the specific needs of local, regional, national and international transport systems. Our expertise lies in policy development and analysis to support the development of sustainable urban mobility systems, the promotion of low carbon transport technologies/fuels, and the identification of measures for enhancing transport demand management and spatial planning. 

In the preparation of the United Nation’s COP 21 conference that will be held in Paris, in December 2015, Ricardo Energy & Environment has been heavily involved in the design and formulation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). These INDCs publicly outline post-2020 climate actions that nations intend to take. We have been working on INDCs with national authorities around the globe, such as in Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Lebanon and Albania.

Our strong network of partners includes academics, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, research centres and associates. Ricardo Energy & Environment furthermore maintains and manages the Transport Research and Innovation Portal (http://www.transport-research.info/) on behalf of the European Commission, and consequently we have extensive knowledge of key transport research activities across Europe and beyond.

NB: On 1 September 2015, we rebranded as Ricardo Energy & Environment, a trading name of Ricardo-AEA Ltd. Ricardo-AEA Ltd was constituted on 8 November 2012 following Ricardo plc’s acquisition and goodwill of AEA Technology plc. For full details, please visit ee.ricardo.com/cms/ownership.

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