Draft Rural Transport Stakeholder Database

In order to map out different stakeholders working on rural transport issues, the SLoCaT Partnership started the development of a Rural Transport Stakeholder Database. The stakeholder database specifically focuses on those organizations working on rural transport issues at regional and global levels. 

The database will be used to build support for SLoCaT advocacy on rural transport and identify possible partners whose support can be enlisted on global policy outreach on sustainable transport.  In addition, the organizations included in the database could be invited to join the global dialogue(s) to be created on sustainable transport and also serve as partners for knowledge dissemination of AFCAP-ASCAP materials.  The development of the database will be an on-going process, and will be regularly updated in the coming months. 

SLoCaT would encourage feedback from organizations included in the database and to get suggestions on additional organizations for inclusion in the database. If you would like to be provide comments to the database or be included in the database, please contact Karl Peet at karl.peet@slocatpartnership.org.