Clean Air Institute (CAI)

The Clean Air Institute (CAI) is an independent, non- profit 501 (c)(3) organization based in Washington DC.  The CAI was created to bridge knowledge, expertise and technical capacity gaps of national governments, local authorities and key stakeholders seeking solutions to improve air quality and mitigate climate change by enabling and catalyzing decisions and investments on sustainable transport, as well as on efficient and clean energy, among other major urban challenges. The CAI serves as a bridge between nations and cities seeking solutions, and supporters, government agencies, and providers of private sector solutions.
The Institute provides strategy and project development assistance coupled with access to state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise; fostering partnerships, coordination and synergies among projects; channeling technical assistance and information; and opening doors for financing and other opportunities.  The Institute has worked with major organizations to develop and implement its vision including the multi-lateral banks, municipal and federal governments, the private sector, research establishments, civil society organizations and others.
The founding president of the Institute is Dr. Mario Molina, Nobel Prize 1995, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Institute. Other Board members include Dr.Alan Lloyd, former secretary of the California Environmental Protection and former President of the California Air Resources Board, and Richard Ayres, a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Contact Us:
1100 H Street,
N.W. Suite 800,
Washington,D.C. 20005,USA.
Tel. +1 (202) 4645450

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