UN SG Ban Ki-moon includes sustainable transport in his 5 Year Action Plan

One of the key elements of his plans is to forge consensus around a post-2015 sustainable development framework and implement it. This would include defining a new generation of sustainable development goals building on the MDGs and outline a road map for consideration by Member States.

It also includes mobilizing the UN system to support global, regional and national strategies to address the building blocks of sustainable development: (a) Energy; (b) Food and nutrition; (c) Water; (d) Oceans; and (e) Transport.

Under the transport component the SG plans to convene aviation, marine, ferry, rail, road and urban public transport providers, along with Governments and investors, to develop and take action on recommendations for more sustainable transport systems that can address rising congestion and pollution worldwide, particularly in urban areas.

The inclusion of transport in the 5 year Action Plan is a major step forward in promoting sustainable transport and we expect that it will lead to a stronger leadership role by UN organizations on the topic of sustainable transport. This announcement can also help in raising the profile of sustainable transport in the Rio+20 process. The SLoCaT Partnership as the largest multi-stakeholder partnership will actively coordinate its activities with the SG’s efforts.