First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO)

FABIO is a non governmental and non profit making organisation registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs with national NGO registration Board. The main objective of FABIO is to popularise the use of sustainable transport we advocate for all inclusive transport planning for both rural and urban areas for sustainable improved quality of life.

FABIO envisions a society where people have access and use environmentally friendly, affordable and sustainable means of transport for improved quality of life. In an effort for FABIO to improve the situation and its service delivery in the area of advocacy for all inclusive transport system at national and also local authority levels, FABIO developed and it is guided by a strategic planning 2013-2017.

And also considering that FABIO is at a point where it requires continuous visibility and presence during the Kampala public transport (BRT) planning, there is need to intensify consultations and induce dialogues with the different people in positions of decision making to consider cycling. FABIO has just completed the coordination of the national NMT policy development 2012 and has continues to serve on the different Technical and working groups of the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Contact information: 

P.O. Box 1890
Jinja, Uganda
Plot 9/11 Main Street
Tel.: 256-(0) 434-121 255

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