Walk 21

Walk21 leads an international network of professionals inspired to meet the needs of people who walk. Our aim is:

  • to promote to politicians the value and relevance of walking as an indicator of healthy, vibrant communities.
  • to facilitate a network of multidisciplinary professionals to exchange beneficial evidence, expertise and experience.
  • to provide practical tools for professionals that can identify the potential for more walking; steer investment; and measure impact.

Walk21 provides an international platform for inclusive discussion, development of best practice and delivery of new initiatives through the annual International Walking and Liveable Communities Conference Series, the International Charter for Walking, research projects and consultancy services.

Walk21 continues to develop and deliver a range of tools, projects and services including:

  • Walking policy benchmarking tool
  • Walkability Master Classes
  • Walking audits and awareness raising
  • Measuring Walking workshops
  • Making Walking Count survey (MWC).

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