Regional exchange on NAMAs in the transport sector in Asia

The first Asia Regional Exchange on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the Transport sector workshop focused on the question “How can NAMAs help sustainable transport in Asia?”. The workshop held at the Land Transport Academy in Singapore on 16th of August 2013, with participation from twelve countries and six international climate and development organisations. By facilitating exchange between officials and practitioners with either climate or transport background, the workshop was successful in raising awareness and mutual learning on transport NAMAs.

Country experiences from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore provided insights in sustainable transport options, and how NAMAs can play a role in promoting these. Germany and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gave international perspectives, while GIZ provided topical inputs on current examples, Monitoring Reviewing and Verification (MRV) and finance of NAMAs in the transport sector. The participants agreed the transport sector has distinct characteristics compared to other sectors, including e.g. high share of public investment in infrastructure, important role of regulatory instruments and strong sustainable development benefits; which may have implications for the role that NAMAs may play in promoting sustainable transport. MRV should not be a barrier to start working on NAMAs and sharing experiences on this can be helpful. Further, national commitments on mitigation may spur action in the transport sector as well. Topics such as MRV approaches, incremental cost, and financing NAMAs deserve more attention and discussion.

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