Who we are

Powering the sustainable, low carbon transport revolution with ambition, solutions and collaboration


We believe that sustainable, low carbon transport is central to ensuring equitable socio-economic prosperity for all people.


SLOCAT was established in 2009 by the pioneers of our movement as an outcome of the Bellagio Process and since then has been served by a full-time professional secretariat. In 2014, SLOCAT acquired legal personality through the incorporation of SLOCAT Foundation into Dutch law.


Today, our Partnership engages a vibrant international, multi-stakeholder ecosystem of over 90 entities across transport sectors associations, knowledge and academia, governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs, philanthropy and industry; as well as a large community of world-class experts and change-makers.


By going there where others do not or cannot go individually, our inclusive, multi-stakeholder Partnership is leveraged to set ambitious global agendas and catalyse new thinking and solutions for the urgent transformation of transport and mobility systems.



To enable collaborative knowledge and action for sustainable, low carbon transport and bring the voice of the movement into international climate change and sustainability processes.


With a primary focus on land transport, and a geographic footprint targeted at the Global South; we deliver on our mission through 3 mutually-reinforcing work streams; namely knowledge and policy analysis; advocacy and engagement, and dialogue and networking.


Our primary focus is land transport and all modes of mobility.  While the analyses, actions and initiatives we propose are universal, our geographical footprint is targeted at the Global South. 


We champion frameworks that primarily avoid unnecessary transport, while shift to low carbon modes and improve vehicle design, fuel efficiency and energy sources. Hence, our work does not disregard the impact of maritime transport and aviation towards sustainable, low carbon development goals.



  SLOCAT Strategic Development Plan 2020-2022