SLoCaT Partnership together with AFCAP-ASCAP advocates for the integration of rural transport in the post-2015 development agenda.   For the advocacy work, SLoCaT Partnership is making presentations in diffrent regional events on rural transport and has developed promotional documents on rural transport including the following:

Factsheet on Rural Access to Markets and Essential Services

SLoCaT Partnership and RECAP have developed a factsheet on the importance of rural access to markets and essential services. The four-page factsheet describes what rural isolation is, its negative impact on poverty, and presents strategies to reduce rural isolation. The factsheet also presents how rural access is included in the sustainable development goals and discusses benefits that an improved rural access provides for employment and education opportunities, as well as its positive impact on healthcare levels. 

To download the French version of the Factsheet, please click here.

Factsheet on Rural Transport and Agriculture

SLoCaT Partnership and RECAP have developed a factsheet on the importance of rural transport for agriculture and rural development. While increased agricultural producion is criticially important to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an efficient rural transport system is crucical to developing agriculture and reducing rural poverty.

To download the French version of the Rural Transport & Agriculture Factsheet, please click here.

SLoCaT Presentations on Rural Transport

On May 12th, a presentation entitled ‘Rural Transport in the Post-2015 Development Agenda’ was made at the 7th African Transportation Technology Transfer Conference in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  It was delivered by John Hine at a Plenary Session to an audience of approximately 200 people. The presentation briefly described the joint SLoCaT Partnership and AFCAP work program covering Advocacy on Rural Transport, particularly relating to the finalization and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Strengthening Rural Transport Dialogue, Indicators and Contributing to SLoCaT’s Financing Framework on Sustainable Transport.  Following the presentation; the role and relevance of the SDG’s in relation to (rural) transport was discussed.   At further breakout sessions the need for the transport sector to better engage with the wider development community over the SDGs and similar initiatives was stressed.

Factsheets on Rural Transport and Sustainable Development Goals

SLoCaT Partnership and AFCAP-ASCAP have developed a factsheet on how to support the integration of rural transport in the Post-2015 development agenda. While the need for improved rural transport is not featured prominently in the proposed SDGs, improved rural access can directly contribute to the achievement of several SDGs. The factsheet explains the importance of rural transport interventions, how they can be integrated with other sectors, and the role of rural access in strengthening the current SDG process.
To download the French version of the Rural Transport & SDG Factsheet, please click here.

Information Package on Sustainable Transport & Sustainable Develpment Goals sent to Permanent Representatives to the United Nations

In preparation of the March Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Post-2015 Development Agenda, the SLoCaT Partnership has sent a letter and information package to the Permanent Representatives of the members states to the United Nations. The information package included:

– SLoCaT Partnership’s Letter to Permanent Representatives to the United Nations: Strengthen the post 2015 development agenda by strengthening the prominence of sustainable transport 
– Review of Existing and Potential Indicators on Transport to Support the SDGs-DRAFT In Progress
– Rural Transport Fact Sheet