27 February 2018

E-Mobility Overview

This overview compiles information on the development of electric mobility with regard to market trend reports; official targets by countries, cities, and companies; and industry plans.

22 December 2017

TraKB: SLoCaT Transport Knowledge Base

In May 2017, SLoCaT team started the work on gathering data on transport and development of a database to integrate varied information. The result of this activity is the Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB) Version 0.1. 

20 October 2017

Mitigation Potential Estimates for 1.5 Degree Scenario in Transport

To carry out a robust analysis of transport carbon emissions growth in different typologies of countries, we carried out a meta-analysis with extensive literature review reviewing more than 500 modelling estimates to extract detailed transport sector-related bottom-up projections for BAU and low carbon scenario for 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050 and aggregating the projections to get a global estimate. The data are included in the accompanying Excel workbook.