7 December 2021

Transport commitments and initiatives launched at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

COP26 saw an unprecedented number of commitments and initiatives on sustainable, low carbon transport. In this section we will take a closer look at some of them and provide a preliminary analysis of the degree of alignment between  and the …

7 December 2021

Taking Stock of COP26 Outcomes and Looking Ahead

by Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General, SLOCAT Partnership Photo from UNFCCC (2021) After some very busy months at the SLOCAT Secretariat, we have finally had a moment to reflect on the implications of the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26) outcomes …

SLOCAT Key Transformations for Sustainable, Low Carbon Land Transport
1 November 2021

SLOCAT Key Transformations for Sustainable, Low Carbon Land Transport

In order to reach the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement and provide equitable access to transport and mobility for all, the urgent transformation of transport is necessary. This SLOCAT messaging framework articulates the 11 key transformations necessary to enable …

7 July 2021

An Urgent Call for Radical Transport Climate Action to Accelerate Implementation of Sustainable
Development Goal 13

by Emily Hosek and Alice Yiu, SLOCAT Partnership The transport sector has an immense impact on our planet’s climate, and as the fastest-growing source of global emissions, the decisions that we make today about how we move people and goods …