Transport Data for Development -
Starter Data Kits by the Climate Compatible Growth Programme


SLOCAT is working with the Climate Compatible Growth programme to bridge the gap between data and decision making. The Climate Compatible Growth programme is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to support investment in sustainable energy and transport systems to meet development priorities in the Global South.

SLOCAT is a transport data contributor to the Energy and Transport Starter Data Kits  by the Climate Compatible Growth programme by synthesising available data on vehicle fleets, passenger, and freight activity in Africa, Asia and Latin-America and the Caribbean.


  • Collection and release of data for 10 Asian and 15 Sub-Saharan African countries.
  • On-going data collection for African countries and Latin-American and the Caribbean countries.
  • On-going development of the Transport Data Gaps Report and the Call to Action on Closing Data Gaps for Transport Policy in Africa.