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TRT Trasporti e Territorio Helping to Shape Jordan’s E-Mobility Transition Strategy

TRT, with the support of MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers, is carrying out a study for the World Bank supporting the design of a national electric mobility strategy for Jordan. The study involves the definition and assessment of policy options and uptake action plan for the medium-term (2030), focusing in particular on solutions for charging infrastructure deployment, electricity pricing, and incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) adoption. The outcomes of study will inform the policy dialogues between donors and public stakeholders and help the Jordanian Government in its effort to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles. 

by Marco Gatto, transport economist and policy evaluation expert, TRT

In a region as green and biodiverse as Central America, the concept of sustainability has historically been focused mainly on nature conservation. And it makes sense – Costa Rica alone is said to house around 4% of the world’s biodiversity with such small territory. Nature conservation efforts have been successful in preserving and protecting biodiversity, but the region continues to face enormous challenges that hinder its way to a wider path for sustainable development. Most of these challenges are visible in the region’s cities and towns, where poverty, inequality, lack of accessible housing, transport, clean water, sanitation and waste management, as well as education and health services, continue to degrade people’s quality of life, the environment and the local economy.

by by Pablo Castro, Executive Director, Fundación Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana (CPSU)

Joining efforts to transform mobility through partnerships and collaborations

Asociación Sustentar started as a group of classmates and friends who shared political science as a major and were concerned about the climate change crisis. Ten years ago, pollution and climate change was merely in agenda for the media and politics. They envision an organization capable of making a positive impact and showing the importance of contributing to a more sustainable future.

by by Carolina Chantrill, Asociación Sustentar

Green growth, sustainable transportation and e-mobility in Africa

The continent is home to about 1.3 billion people, with the average age being just below 20 years. Compared to Europe or North America, per capita energy use in Africa is very low, while growth rate of energy use is high. Over the past ten years, total primary energy demand on the continent grew by one third. The transport sector is one of the main sectors responsible for this growth, with demand for transport fuels growing by almost 50% between 2010 and 2020. Based on current trajectories and policies, transport energy use on the continent is anticipated to grow by another two thirds by 2040.

by Alexander Körner, Programme Officer, United Nations Environment Programme

Making change happen with science, economics, business sense and partnership

The Covid pandemic has been an appalling tragedy, cutting short the lives of millions around the world and leaving many others experiencing debilitating after effects. But tackling the crisis has also taught us about our ability to accept or reject change. We wear masks when we are near others, but we miss the human interaction of the “old life.” Covid has shown us we can scale up under pressure, but that we also make mistakes that we must learn from.

by Jill Duggan, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund Europe