Diamond Supporters are organizations that provide unrestricted funding of at least US$ 50,000 per year; or equivalent amount for events or projects included in the SLoCaT Foundation‘s Annual Business Plan over a 12-month period. 

SLoCaT Focal Person: Jorge Kogan (jkogan@caf.com), Nicolas Estupinan (nestupinan@caf.com)

CAF is a development bank created in 1970, owned by 19 countries – 17 of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal- as well as 13 private banks in the region. It promotes a sustainable development model through credit operations, non-reimbursable resources, and support in the technical and financial structuring of projects in the public and private sectors of Latin America.

With headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela , CAF has offices in Buenos Aires, La Paz, Brasilia, Bogota, Quito, Madrid, Mexico D.F, Panama City, Asuncion, Lima, Montevideo and Port of Spain.

SLoCaT Focal Person: Amy Kenyon,(a.kenyon@fordfoundation.org)

Ford Foundation’s mission to reduce poverty and injustice strengthen democratic values promote international cooperation and advance human achievement. In its work Ford Foundation is guided by a vision of social justice- a word in which all individuals, communities, and peoples work toward the protection and full expression of their human rights; are active participants in the decisions that affect them; share equitably in the knowledge, wealth, and resources of society; and are free to achieve their full potential.

SLoCaT Focal Persons: Armin Wagner (Armin.wagner@giz.de) and Christian Mettke (Christian.Mettke@giz.de

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)is the German development cooperation and works to improve people’s living conditions in developing countries. GIZ is hosting the Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP). Its main objective is to assist developing world cities achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience, policy advice, training and capacity building and targeted work on sustainable transport projects within cities.

SLoCaT Focal Person: Margarita Parra (mparra@hewlett.org)

The William and Flore Hewlett Foundation is committed to helping to reduce global poverty, limiting the risk of climate change, improving education for students in California and elsewhere, improving reproductive health and rights worldwide, supporting vibrant performing arts in our community, advancing the field of philanthropy, and supporting disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SLoCaT Focal Person: Ahmed Al Qabany (AAlQabany@isdb.org) and Mohammed Al Sayed (alsayed@isdb.org)

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is a South-South multilateral development finance institution established in 1974. IsDB has 57 Member countries and its purpose is to foster the economic development and social progress of its member countries and Muslim communities individually and collectively. The IsDB Group is engaged in a wide range of specialized and integrated activities including Project financing in the public and private sectors including but not limited to development assistance for poverty alleviation; technical assistance for capacity-building;  and economic and trade cooperation among member countries. 


SLoCaT Focal Person:

Nicolas Beaumont (nicolas.beaumont@michelin.com) and Claire Bernard (clairemarie.bernard@michelin.com)

Michelin has always been committed to playing its part in designing the mobility of the future, not only as a leader in tire innovations but also as a global player actively involved in sustainable transportation solutions. It has been fulfilling its commitment through an open strategy including 300 research partnerships around the world, the launching in 1998 of the first Michelin Challenge Bibendum which has become 2017 Movin’on, the global summit for sustainable mobility, and the creation in 2014 of the Open Lab, an innovative and collaborative Think and Do Tank.


SLoCaT Focal Persons: Caroline Visser (caroline.visser@bluewin.ch) and Paul Starkey (p.h.starkey@reading.ac.uk)

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. It aims to end the need for aid by creating jobs, unlock the potential of girls and women and help to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit.

DFID is responsible for honouring the UK’s international commitments and taking action to achieve the Millennium Development Goal, making British aid more effective, targeting British international development policy on economic growth and wealth creation, and helping to prevent climate change and encouraging adaptation and low-carbon growth in developing countries. 

SLoCaT Focal Person: Henrik Nolmark (henrik.nolmark@nodeonline.se)

The Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) is a generic term for four independent foundations. For the millennium the Board of VREF has initiated a new research programme to be funded – Future Urban Transport (FUT). The foundations commonly support the programme by providing funds for research and educational projects.