E-Mobility Trends and Targets


SLOCAT is tracking the announced targets of countries, regions, cities, companies and vehicle manufacturers to show their growing ambition to scale up e-mobility (cars, taxis, buses, trucks, two/three-wheelers and others). The database serves as a central hub for policy makers and researchers to identify good practices of electrification for a wide range of transport modes. It provides the basis to inform electrification policy dialogues, including debates at climate change processes.

The overview of e-mobility trends and targets was upgraded from a PDF report to an interactive online table (through Tableau) in September 2020. It provides an improved interface to enhance user-friendliness. Users can now directly filter, sort and export the data through the browser. The latest updated was released in April 2022.

The overview of e-mobility trends and targets covers:

Phase-out Targets by Countries and Regions

A few countries and regions and regions have announced plans to phase-out fossil fuel vehicles and shift to e-mobility. Leading examples are shown in the map above. Countries and regions with the intention to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles by year:

2025: Norway
2030: Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Barbados, Denmark, Hainan Island, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jeju Island, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Washington
2032: Scotland
2035: Balearic Islands, Cabo Verde, California, Canada, Chile, Colombia, European Union, Japan, Thailand
2040: British Columbia, Egypt, France, Portugal, Quebec, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan (Province of China)
2050: Costa Rica, Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Mexico

Signatories of the COP26 Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans

COP26 saw an unprecedented number of commitments an initiatives on sustainable, low carbon transport.One of the commitments is the Declaration on Accelerating the Transition to 100% Zero Emission Cars and Vans. The main intention is to work towards all sales of new cars and vans being zero emission globally by 2040, and by no later than 2035 in leading markets. The map below shows the national and regional governments being part in this declaration. Find here more information on the COP26 transport commitments, as of April 2022.

Overview of E-Mobility Targets

SLOCAT maintains the following database on e-mobility targets by countries, regions, cities, companies and vehicle manufacturers. It covers major announcements and developments that support the electrification of the vehicle fleets. The source for every item is included in the database and all information are based on publicly available sources. It will be constantly updated and expanded with the latest information. Please share any comments, new announcements or any other feedback directly with Nikola Medimorec (nikola.medimorec@slocatpartnership.org).