Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

SLOCAT Secretariat submitted preliminary comments to the First Order Draft of IPCC flagship 6th Assessment Report (AR6) in early 2019.

For the Second Order Draft, a task force was created to enable a coordinated review and submission of comments by the SLOCAT Partnership. The activity resulted in this guidance document for the AR6 review, shared with key partners working on the intersection of research and policy.

The submissions ensured that the high-quality knowledge of partners is included in the AR6, while supporting enhanced coherence of knowledge among partners.

Feeding our collaborative knowledge into the most relevant knowledge product on
climate change.

Leveraging and deepening the knowledge on low carbon transport, both for partners and a wider audience.

Serving as a signal to academia that the work of partners and the wider sustainable, low carbon transport community is critical.

The SLOCAT Secretariat intends to continue the engagement with the IPCC. It can support to increase awareness by academia about the critical knowledge and work of the wider sustainable, low carbon transport community.  Developing enhanced linkages between academia and policy will ultimately support the overarching goal of science-based targets.