Mapping of Organisations and Initiatives Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Latin America

Our partner, Asociación Sustentar, as part of its support to the EUROCLIMA+ programme, has released an extensive mapping of organisations and initiatives working on advancing sustainable urban mobility in Latin America. The mapping identifies and documents the initiatives, projects, platforms, networks, alliances, and organisations operating in the region that can provide support to regional actors in the planning and implementation of measures and decision making.

This mapping had two objectives. On the one hand, creating an open-access database to centralise the information of the support available in the region for stakeholders interested in this topic, making it easier for them to find what they need. On the other hand, identifying leading organisations acting in the region, potential cooperation opportunities, and gaps in the services offered and topics covered.

The outputs of this work are an open-access database that provides easy-to-access and centralised information on available support, and a report describing the main findings of this exercise.