The Transport Day 2019 will be held on Friday, 6th December 2019 during COP25 in Madrid, Spain. The event will highlight the critical steps for non-state actors on the way to the 2020 milestone for the Paris Agreement and next set of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


Transport is currently responsible for about a fifth of global CO2 emissions. If the world continues with business as usual scenarios, it is expected that transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will double by 2050. The challenge therefore is daunting: to cater to the fast-growing demand for mobility and transport in the global north and south, while slashing GHG emissions, increasing climate resilience and promoting sustainable development. There is still time to act, but it will require an unprecedented effort by all.

It is more critical than ever to continue raising the profile of transport in the climate process and ensure serious action takes place. For this reason, Transport Day 2019 will continue the tradition of previous iterations and bring together key stakeholders in the transport sector around climate action. Taking place during COP25 in Madrid, Spain, Transport Day 2019 will assess the ambition of countries in decarbonising their transport systems, seek to better understand the barriers preventing the full-scale implementation of sustainable, low carbon transport measures, and produce an urgent call to action for the Transport, Energy and Finance Ministers that will gather in Madrid.


Transport Day 2019 Programme

Transport Day 2019 will be organised in three main segments:

Segment I: Vision and Ambition – Increasing transport ambition to bridge the mitigation gap

Segment II: Implementation – Overcoming barriers for implementing and scaling up low carbon, sustainable, resilient transport

Segment III: Way Forward – What the sector needs to achieve before COP 26

The idea is that each segment is composed of the following three parts: an introductory plenary, World Cafe and a reporting back from World Cafe and panel discussion.

Visit here for more information on the Transport Day 2019 and the detailed programme.