Transport and Voluntary National Reviews

In 2020, unprecedented challenges emerged which are causing significant setbacks to the achievement of the SDGs in the transport sector. The COVID-19 pandemic is sending a shock wave through societies worldwide and is permanently changing livelihoods as we know it. At the same time, the pandemic has pushed us to reflect on how we move people and goods, as well as what this will mean for the future of transport.

Despite the challenging circumstances, 47 countries succeeded in finalising their VNRs and presenting them virtually at the HLPF 2020. Many VNRs expressed concerns that the pandemic has impacted on and will continue to hinder the implementation of the SDGs and disrupt development efforts in the short-term. While the world grapples with successive pandemic waves and tries to define how recovery should look like, the SLOCAT Partnership seeks to empower change-makers to ensure the economic viability of, the affordable access to, and the right investments in sustainable, low carbon transport and mobility services and infrastructure as a vital piece to green, equitable recovery.


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