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The SLoCaT Newsletter, is the quarterly newsletter of the SLoCaT Partnership which features news from the global processes on sustainable transport and sustainable development and highlights the achievements of SLoCaT members and partners on sustainable transport. 

The CityFix.com is an EMBARQ online resource for sustainable transport news, advocacy and “best practice” solutions from around the world. It boasts a global network of writers and transport specialists, including engineers, entrepreneurs, urban planners and researchers, who explore environmentally and socially responsible ways to make cities better places to live.

GIZ-SUTP Newsletter is the bi-monthly publication of GIZ’s “Sustainable Urban Transport Project”. The publication has featured articles about sustainable urban transport, publication of interest; promotes upcoming events and news from partners of GIZ.

The Global Fuel Economy Initiative newsletter, is GFEI’s montly publication on global fuel economy activities.  The newsletter shares updates from the recent development in the GFEI world, features new publications and presents news from partners of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative.

The International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD) in partnership with Africa/Asia Community Access Programme (AFCAP/ASCAP) have developed a monthly e-newsletter which aims at keeping the rural transport community up to date with the latest news,opportunities, events, resources and projects while maintaining a balance between infrastructure and transport services.

International Road Assessment Programme News is the news hubs for iRAPs news update on the projects, global policies on road safety.

International Road Federation Newsletter is IRF’s periodical newsletter.  The newsletter highlights important meetings, developments from the IRF community, promotes new IRF publications and features new members of the Federation.

Reinventing Parking is a blog for understanding your community´s parking policy choices. Its featuring parking policy thinking, research, news and insights. It has a wide geographical focus and therefor an international perspecitve.

Sustainable Transport is ITDP’s annual publication that provides in-depth examination of worldwide transportation practices, showcases replicable alternatives, and highlights the efforts of sustainable transport advocates.

The Sustainable Transport Community of Practice (CoP)  is for CAI-Asia members and others who want to discuss topics on transport planning, fuels, and vehicle technologies.

SUSTRAN-DISCUSS is a discussion forum devoted to people-centred, equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries (the ‘Global South’).

http://www.worldstreets.org/, general discussions on sustainable transport with special focus on India.