SLOCAT Engagement in
UNFCCC intergovernmental processes

Just Transition Work Programme

SLOCAT objectives

  • Contribute to setting implementation parametres for transport sector engagement.  
  • Advance meaningful and effective social dialogue on the just transition for transport and mobility.
  • Focus on pragmatic approaches (e.g. shift employment from fossil fuels to public transport) and technical aspects (e.g. increase incentives for EV battery recycling to reduce demand for raw materials).

Collaboration between SLOCAT and International Transport Workers Federation (ITF Workers)

Mitigation Ambition and Implementation Work Programme

SLOCAT objectives

  • Highlight transport sector mitigation potential and pathways, building upon previous inputs submitted.
  • Raise capacity building needs to achieve mitigation goals (e.g. regional EV battery circularity measures).
  • Contribute to emission reduction strategies for aviation and maritime transport. 

Next steps

  • Upon invitation by the co-chairs, SLOCAT, UITP and ITF Workers led workshops for countries at the Second Global Dialogue of the Mitigation Work Programme on just energy transition in transport, Abu Dhabi, 15-17 October 2023.
    • Read SLOCAT’s inputs to the consultation in preparation for the workshop (below).