Engagement in the Sustainable Mobility for All Initiative


Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4ALL) is a platform for international cooperation on issues related to transport and sustainable mobility. Established in 2017 and hosted by the World Bank, SuM4All is a global coalition of 55 influential public organizations and private companies with a shared ambition to transform the future of mobility.


The initiative emphasises that accessible, efficient, safe, and green mobility are essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and addresses 21st-century global challenges, including climate change, global development, poverty reduction and peace. It focuses on three areas of work:


Providing thought leadership to influence global and country decision-makers on transport


Prioritizing the right policies and investments


Creating and mobilizing finance to achieve sustainable mobility around the globe

The SLOCAT Partnership is a member of the SuM4ALL consortium. As a member, we:

  • Actively participate and contribute in kind to the initiative via technical working groups and the consortium meetings;
  • Implement gender equality as an integral part of our membership;
  • Promote SuM4All work and accomplishments at various events and communication activities.

SLOCAT was re-elected in Summer 2020 as a member of the Steering Committee (Civil Society Representative). SLoCaT Partnership members contributed to and lead working groups towards the Global Roadmap of Action. The SLOCAT Secretariat is also currently engaged in the E-Mobility Working Group.

Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility

The Global Roadmap of Action toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA) was launched in 2019 to tackle the question any decision-makers face in transport: “How” can my country achieve sustainable mobility?

The GRA is a tool that enables countries to measure how far it is from achieving that ambition, explore more than 180 policy measures that have been tested around the world, and prioritize those that are most impactful and lay out a path forward.

GRA is complemented by 6 policy papers, a private consultation summary paper, and an online, interactive tool toward Sustainable Mobility.