10 September 2013

UNFCCC launched a CDM themed photo and video contest

The UNFCCC Secretariat launched a photo and video contest aimed at highlighting the benefits of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism and the importance of market-based approaches in the international response to climate change. The two categories of the contest – photo and personal video – are meant to inspire participants to communicate a complex message in a way that might surprise, entertain and provoke thought.

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15 March 2013

CDM Executive Board calls for standardized transport baseline

The CDM Executive Board in its recent 72nd meeting considered a concept note on the challenges and opportunities for standardization and simplification in the context of the transport sector and requested the secretariat to develop guidelines on standardized baselines for the transport sector covering standardization at the following levels:

(a) Standardized parameters or approaches that are country- or region-specific;

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