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A Call for Action for national governments to implement the necessary national action to deliver the transformation of urban mobility set out in the New Urban Agenda

Quito, Ecuador, 18th October 2016 

The transport and development community, meeting together in Quito, Ecuador on the occasion of Habitat III, welcomes the New Urban Agenda´s recognition of the broad contribution of sustainable urban mobility to sustainable urbanization.

We support the vision for urban mobility set out in the New Urban Agenda – but it now needs to be implemented.

Mayors Summit and the Cities & Transport International Congress

EMBARQ Brasil helps companies and governments in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions to transport and mobility problems in Brazilian cities.By promoting sustainable transport, EMBARQ Brasil is working to reduce pollution, improve public health, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and create urban public spaces which offer safe, accessible and pleasant coexistence.

EcoMobility Alliance Workshop

Each Alliance City Workshop is centered at one city, bringing other Alliance Cities and Partners to the host city to provide input on a specific project or initiative or challenge in the host city. Expert partners design relevant workshops and provide relevant feedback on the topic, thus this knowledge exchange will also be highly beneficial to other participating cities.

From MDG to SDG: Towards a New Paradigm at Habitat III

Communitas and Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) are holding a side event at the 1st PrepCom for Habitat III on September 18, 2014. The event will focus ondiscussing the channels by which a Sustainable Deveopment Goal on Cities & Human Settlements can provide for more sustained, long term approaches and interventions within the framework of the Post 2015 Development Agenda. The themes of the events include the following: