23 November 2015

New EU Commissioned Study Provides Overview of Potential CO2 Mitigation Targets for International Aviation and Maritime Transport

The European Parliament commissioned study analyses which targets would be compatible with the global long-term goal of keeping the temperature increase below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. The analysis supports the view that it is important to establish targets for both sectors that clearly indicate that emissions cannot grow in an unlimited and unregulated way.

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28 October 2014

Report of the One Day Seminary: "Climate Change: A Common Opportunity To Transform Urban Transport?"

On October 14th, a one day seminary was organized in Paris, France by CODATU focusing on the role of sustainable urban mobility in mitigating climate change.  Theone-day seminary was facilitated by Olivier Razemon, journalist at Le Monde.  The objective of the seminary was  to gather decision makers and national and international urban transport experts to highlight the role of sustainable urban mobility on climate change mitigation.

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