14 July 2020

Mobility in cities: Building back better for the most vulnerable

Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder and CEO, Safetipin For all of us working on sustainable urbanisation, development and mobility, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a challenge: How do we continue working on building viable mobility options to ensure that the goals of …

8 July 2020

Post-COVID Recovery: Major challenges for public transport

Sergio Avelleda, Director of Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities Photo by billow 926/Unsplash The post-pandemic period will test one of the vital elements of our great cities. Public transport systems are facing unprecedented challenges, which will put …

25 June 2020

Restoring trust in public transport: The way forward

Written by Tsu-Jui Cheng, on behalf of Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General Photo from CityTalk/ICLEI As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the transport sector has experienced some of the most severe social and economic impacts. Public transport is …

15 February 2016

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Issues Inaugural Certified Climate Bond for Low Carbon Transport

[Media Release] LONDON: 11/02/16 13:00GMT: In a series of firsts, the giant New York based Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has broken new ground for public transport authorities with its latest USD 500m bond issuance.

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28 August 2015

Africa Progress Panel Report (2015) Recommends Focus on Rural and Public Transport to Target Climate Change and Unlock Africa’s Energy Potential

The latest annual Africa Progress Report, Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities, published by the Africa Progress Panel (APP), describes how African governments, the international public and the private sector can transform the r

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19 June 2015

Pope Francis Stresses Importance of Public Transport in Tackling Climate Change Problems in Recent Encyclical Letter

Pope Francis on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentine, when serving as Archbishop Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio (Photo source: Philstar)

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23 September 2014

Sustainable Rail, Air, Electric Vehicles and Urban Public Transport Mobilized at Climate Summit

Shift to low-carbon mobility could save up to US$70 trillion in fuel costs

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4 June 2014

Seven Major Public Transport Companies Sign Up to the UITP Climate Declaration

Seven major public transport companies have signed up to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s personal challenge to UITP members to show their climate leadership at September’s UN Climate Summit in New York. 

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