23 September 2013

Putting ecomobility to test in Suwon

Children in Suwon

Children enjoy the festivities of the EcoMobility World Festiv

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29 August 2013

China’s Urban Billion: Sprawling cities and fiscal policy

China’s Urban Billion is a series of blogs exploring China’s urbanization process. Xiaomei Tan guides TheCityFix readers through China’s opportunities and challenges as it transforms into an urbanized society. She examines the urbanization process as it relates to governance, the private and public sectors, and the economy.

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28 August 2013

Measures for successful Transit Oriented Development in India

Roads can be developed to favor both cars and non-motorized forms of transport. Photo courtesy of SGA Architects.

The concept of transit-oriented development (TOD) as a planning tool is new to Indian cities, where quality mass rapid transit systems are relatively recent.

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