Peer review of Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report 2020

The peer review process of the 2020 Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR) will take place from 18 December 2020 – 15 January 2021. Please access the peer review document on the REN21+ platform

The SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport is leading the production of the TCC-GSR 2020, whose primary objectives include:

  • Bringing together a broad set of information streams on transport and climate change in a regular and actionable report;
  • Describing transport sector demand and emission trends, and recognizing the critical role of sustainable transport and mobility in achieving an equitable 1.5ºC planet  ;
  • Illustrating transport and climate change policy targets and measures, and whether and how these actions are influencing market trends.

With the publication of the TCC-GSR, we aim to leverage the growing political momentum on climate change and the building of resilient transport systems after the impacts of COVID-19,  to provide a resource for policy-makers in increasing  transport ambition in mitigation and adaptation plans.  The report is also intended to provide tangible inputs to the UNFCCC process, including ongoing global stocktakes.

The TCC-GSR 2020 has four main parts. Part I examines the progress towards decarbonising transport on a global scale and across the six global regions (as defined by United Nations classification) through an assessment of transport demand, emissions and policy measures. Part II assesses current transport demand and emissions trends in more detail and showcases low-carbon pathways until 2050. Part III outlines climate policy and action within 10 major thematic areas enabling mitigation of transport emissions. Finally, Part IV examines the finance and stakeholder landscape for sustainable mobility.

You can find additional background about the TCC-GSR here.